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    Thematic Concern and Technical Features in Karnad’s Tale-Danda


    Author: Manju, Dr. Nempal Singh

    Keywords: Caste-system, Varnashram, Brahmin, Cobbler, Inter-caste, Political intrigue, Superstition.

    Abstract: Girish Karnad, a writer, explores Kalyan-Kranti's last days in his play Tale-danda. Girish hopes to draw attention to the divisions in Indian society and government. The centuries-old societal problem of caste is given the attention it deserves. Sharana's effort to outlaw it was brought to life. The plot revolves on the unconventional union of a Brahmin bride and a Cobbler groom. The failed marriage and its aftermath highlight the crude nature of the caste system. Sovidev's political plotting against his own father, Bijjal, is emblematic of the universal lust for power. Karnad brilliantly illustrates the social and political tensions of modern civilization by merging these two subjects.

    Article Info: Received: 30 Jun 2023, Received in revised form: 25 Jul 2023, Accepted: 03 Aug 2023, Available online: 14 Aug 2023

    Thematic Concern and Technical Features in Karnad’s Tale-Danda DOI: 10.22161/ijtle.2.4.2

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