Impact Factor (2024): 3.84  |  ISSN: 2583-4371
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    Impact Factor (2024): 3.84  |  ISSN: 2583-4371
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    Tracer Study of BS Hotel and Restaurant Management in Kalinga State University


    Author: Diyah Guwen A. Alejandrino, Valerie A. Abesamis, Glory Ann Karen C. Caldingon

    Keywords: Kalinga State University, tracer study, curriculum design, BS HRM.

    Abstract: This study aims to track the employment profile, struggles of the graduates during their search for employment and perceived competencies acquired. The study is limited to the graduates of BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management of year 2017 – 2020. Further the study also assessed the curriculum design of the program of Kalinga State University. It aimed to find out the specific skills that helped the graduates attain employment in line with their specialization. There are 127 graduates, 87 of them were able to respond. The instrument is patterned with the employability survey used by Commission on Higher Education. Results show that 84% are employed. Among the employed 29% hold a position in line to specialization and 5% are in supervisory level. 38% of the employed respondents took 1 – 6 months as their length of pursuing employment. As to struggles during pursuit of employment, 25% believed that they lack industry experience. As to the skills acquired during their stay in university it is communication skills that got 59%. Tracer studies have been used as tool to know the performance of graduates from formal education to employment. This study was conducted to help the university deliver a more effective curriculum for BS HRM program. The findings provide helpful information on the improvement of the curriculum design, enhance the teaching strategies and planning initiative for the delivery of current and future curriculum. Furthermore, it will also be used as the databank of the graduate’s profile for future studies and accreditation purposes.

    Article Info: Received: 18 Jan 2024, Received in revised form: 25 Feb 2024, Accepted: 29 Mar 2024, Available online: 10 Apr 2024

    Tracer Study of BS Hotel and Restaurant Management in Kalinga State University DOI: 10.22161/ijtle.3.2.2

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