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    New Thinking of Curriculum Design for Study-Based Travel Based on the Novel “PBL+” Model


    Author: Weiling Zhu, Ruei-Yuan Wang

    Keywords: Study-based travel (SBL);“PBL+” model;Curriculum design;Structuralism;Pragmatism; Geographic Core Literacy (GCL)

    Abstract: Study-based travel is an emerging comprehensive practice for cultivating students' core literacy curriculum. However, there are many problems and phenomena in the implementation process. In the face of real-world situational issues outside of the classroom, effective teaching models to use for cultivating students' Geographic Core Literacy (GCL) are currently a study-based travel hotspot. This study integrates the problem-based learning (PBL) teaching method, integrates the theoretical concepts of structuralism and pragmatics, and combines the GCL and geography textbooks to propose a new thinking framework for the "PBL+" model. Based on this, curriculum design is introduced, with high school students as the study-based object, and a design case is proposed based on the unique local resources of Heyuan City. The main focus is to combine theoretical knowledge from books with practice and integrate local resources into the classroom. It is not only following the main line of cultivating students' GCL and promoting the construction and development of core competencies but also providing references for optimizing the curriculum of research bases and schools.

    Article Info: Received: 01 Sep 2023, Received in revised form: 04 Nov 2023, Accepted: 15 Oct 2023, Available online: 05 Dec 2023

    New Thinking of Curriculum Design for Study-Based Travel Based on the Novel “PBL+” Model DOI: 10.22161/ijtle.2.6.7

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