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    Optimising the Interface between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence in Higher Education


    Author: Lorraine Bennett

    Keywords: artificial intelligence, human interface, research lens, higher education

    Abstract: If you thought the recent pandemic was a major disruptor, society is on the cusp of a far more pervasive and ubiquitous shift in human existence. The rapid development and roll-out of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, is looming as a quintessential disruptor of quantum proportions and will eventually permeate most, if not all, corners of our lives. This paper investigates the initial fall-out and potential impact of AI generative technologies on the higher education sector. When ChatGPT and similar software programs were released in late 2022, a knee-jerk reaction from some Government authorities, and institutions was to ban their use in education. Others recommended the development of academic policies and strategies to mitigate the risks to academic integrity and quality assurance. Pragmatic and adventurous educators embraced the opportunities that AI technologies offer to enhance the education sector and expand opportunities for life-long learning. Whilst there is general consensus that that higher education will need to undergo major reform to address the changes that AI will force on the future of learning and higher education institutions. The way forward is less clear. The proposition explored in this paper is that in order to filter, interpret, evaluate and apply AI generated content it might be helpful to consider the challenge through a research lens. The preliminary result is a Framework which focuses on the interface between artificial intelligence and human intelligence in the development and design of future-orientated curriculum, pedagogy, learning activities and assessments in higher education.

    Article Info: Received: 13 May 2023, Received in revised form: 15 Jun 2023, Accepted: 21 Jun 2023, Available online: 30 Jun 2023

    Optimising the Interface between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence in Higher Education DOI: 10.22161/ijtle.2.3.3

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